Outdoor Fountains Recorded by History

The water from springs and other sources was originally supplied to the occupants of nearby towns and municipalities through water fountains, whose design was largely practical, not aesthetic. A source of water higher in elevation than the fountain was needed to pressurize the flow and send water spraying from the fountain's nozzle, a system without equal until the late nineteenth century. Inspiring and spectacular, big water fountains have been built as monuments in many cultures. If you saw the first fountains, you probably would not recognize them as fountains. A natural stone basin, carved from rock, was the first fountain, utilized for holding water for drinking and spiritual purposes. Natural stone basins are believed to have been 1st utilized around 2000 BC. The spray continue reading this of water appearing from small jets was pressured by gravity, the only power source designers had in those days. Drinking water was supplied by public fountains, long before fountains became decorative public statues, as attractive as they are practical. The people of Rome began constructing decorative fountains in 6 BC, most of which were bronze or stone masks of animals and mythological characters. A well-designed collection of reservoirs and aqueducts kept Rome's public water fountains supplied with fresh water.

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